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Nov 2014 17

The bio pic detailing the life and career of singer/actress Aaliyah Haughton finally premiered over the weekend, and the response from the public was beyond harsh!

R&B singer Aaliyah Haughton died tragically in a plane crash in 2001 after filming a music video in the Bahamas.
After her passing there was a tremendous amount of demand to produce a movie about the singer’s life, and career.
Aaliyah’s family have consistently blocked, and rejected every attempt to produce a film documenting the singer’s life.
It has been 13 years since the demise of the R&B singer- and Hollywood, has respected the wishes of the Haughton family-until now.
Talk show host, and gossip queen Wendy Williams decided to cross that line of decency, and respect.
Williams decided to move forward and produce “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.
This movie was produced against the wishes of the singer’s family, which has many people outraged!
The film was produced by Wendy Williams without the consent, and support of Aaliyah’s family, friends and colleagues.
Since the movie garnered no support from Aaliyah’s family, and inner circle, Williams was denied access to Aaliyah’s music and imagery to support the film.
However, William’s boasted on her talk show stating that she was not going to let that prevent her from making the film.
This left Aaliyah’s fan’s outraged, and baffled by William’s audacity to produce the film without any reliable information, or contribution from the singer’s family, and people who knew the Aaliyah personally. Hence the film may be based on no real facts, and just assumptions about the singer’s life.  
Throughout my adolescence, I was an admirer and consumer of Aaliyah’s music.
I thought she was a wonderful developing talent, who’s life was cut short way too soon.
When I heard about the bio pic I was very excited. Like everyone else, I thought it was long overdue!
However, when I found out that Aaliyah’s family, friends and colleagues were against the film’s production, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment.
My disappointed steamed from the notion that if the family did not support the film, how accurate and honest could the film be?
Then when I learned that the film would not feature any of Aaliyah’s music I was completely turned off!
I had the opportunity to view the film, and needless to say, my assumptions about the quality, and accuracy of the film were confirmed.
In my opinion, the film was beyond disappointing. I felt like the film was a diminishment of Aaliyah’s legacy instead of a reflection of it.
It made the singer I admired, and enamored throughout my high school years appear lack luster, and talentless both as a performer and a personality.
The film was a poor representation of  Aaliyah’s status as a entertainer and A-list celebrity.  
Again, in my option,  the film attempted to downplay Aaliyah’s legacy, which was both sad, and discouraging to someone who remembers the singer, and her ability to capture an audiences attention, and soon the world.
So, judge for yourself!
Click on the link above to view the full film, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.
After watching the movie leave your comments, and reactions below.
If you are too young to know, and appreciate who Aaliyah was, I have taken the liberty of adding a few of Aaliyah’s music video’s above for your viewing pleasure.
Also, below you can find the IMDB links to the films that Aaliyah starred in before her untimely death.
If you have the opportunity you should check them out. I recommend stating with the film”Romeo Must Die”.
Films starring Aaliyah:

S. Lenore


Other celebrities that are mentioned in ”Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.



R. Kelly




Missy Elliot


Damon Dash



Before Aaliyah’s death she was hired to star in the last 2 Matrix films.
Unfortunately, Aaliyah died before completing the films so her role was re-casted with Nona Gaye.
Here are a few photos of Aaliyah on set filming The Matrix shortly before her death.