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If Jennifer Lopez struggles with self esteem issues….
J.Lo sat down for an interview with E! News’ yesterday in New York and she bared her soul.
Jennifer opened up about a few topics from her new memoir “True Love”.
In the interview Jennifer shared how she has realized over the years that being in a relationship is no substitute if a girl isn’t in love with herself first and foremost.


“I would describe the woman I am today as a work in progress, a ‘WIP’!” Lopez smiled. “And this was the beginning of what I think is going to be a life-long journey of being content and happy with myself.” -Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer also confesses in her memoir how Ben Affleck crushed her soul, and destroyed her dreams when he called off their wedding.
“My heart was torn out of my chest” -Jennifer Lopez
Although Jennifer has millions of fans all over the world, J.Lo admits that she used to feed into all the negativity and ended up assuming that no one liked her.
“We have a tendency to focus on the negative and I let that work on my self-esteem,” Lopez said. “I was always thinking that people didn’t like me, they just hated me…It’s such a ridiculous notion, we tend to do this to ourselves.”- Jennifer Lopez
I applaud Jennifer’s honesty, she has a lot of courage.
Jennifer is a person struggling with low self esteem, and poor self image.
Many celebrities suffer from self esteem issues, as well as mental issues. This is very common.
If you suffer from self esteem issues your not alone. Take solace in knowing that even the biggest celebrities in the world suffer from poor self image. 
If your having a difficult time,  find help, and talk to someone. 
Remember that the greatest love of all is the love you have for yourself!
Click on the 3 part video link above to find out which other celebrities suffer from esteem issues, or mental illness.
Also, you can watch Jennifer’s full interview with E! News’ by clicking on the link below.
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