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Entertainment Journalist and American Hair & Makeup Artist Sophia Lenore

In July 2011 hairstylist and makeup artist to the stars, Sophia Lenore, decided to make Berlin, Germany, her third home to accommodate her celebrity and socialite clients. Until recently celebrity hair and makeup artist Sophia Lenore spent her time flying back and forth between her two homes in New York City and Miami, Florida. “Now I just need a place in California” Sophia stated in an interview with Miami Very Social Magazine. Sophia Lenore is married to retired tennis player turned pro athlete trainer, Philipp Halfmann, whose busy tennis touring schedule greatly influenced Sophia’s decision to relocate to Berlin, Germany. “Both my schedule and my husband’s schedule were getting so chaotic. I was traveling all over the place for photo shoots, films, television shows, runways shows you name it! Phil’s schedule was just as crazy because he was spending 6 months in America and 6 months in Europe touring and training athletes. So, I thought, why don’t I just start working more in Europe myself?” So after making the decision to move to Europe 3 months later Sophia was on a plane to Berlin with 15 suitcases. “I never travel light”. Sophia laughs.

Sophia Lenore’s arrival in Berlin, Germany, was abrupt and noticed by many! “As soon as I arrived in Berlin I got so busy!! Suddenly I had new agents, new clients, several new projects, a slew of new hair and makeup assistants, and a new title to add to my resume”. Sophia Lenore is the new School Director as well as the Director of Education at Yab Academy for hair and makeup.

However Sophia finds the balance and never shows signs of being overwhelmed.” I will never allow myself to become so busy that my clients in America and Europe, who have grown dependent and accustomed to having me available to them, can’t even get me on the phone”. “I am always taking new clients, and signing on for new projects. If I am available and in town you can book me, there is no ego here”.

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When did a tragedy in life come with a recovery routine? I am talking about when tragedies happen to celebrities and socialites of course.

Lately, I can’t help but notice that when bad things happen in the life of celebrities they don’t take time to themselves or turn to family and friends only to get them through the pain. Instead they turn to Oprah and the public! It has become so routine that you can almost predict who a celebrity is going to turn to during their time of need based on the tragedy or based on who the celebrity is.

Tragedy  and The Recovery Routine

Tragedy Recovery Routine
Drug addition  Rehab & A Visit to Dr. Drew
Sex Addition, Cheating on the spouse, Caught in sex act, Producing a sex tape Sex rehab & Visit Pierce Morgan Tonight (Maybe Oprah too)
Celebrity death in the family, Celebrity has a brush with death Family of the celebrity goes on Oprah, Pierce Morgan & The View
Celebrity divorce, Celebrity separation Visit to The View & Oprah. Also an interview on E! News
Celebrity accident (car accident, skiing accident, injured on film set, etc) A visit to The View and an interview on E! News
Random celebrity scandal and negative rumors A Visit To The View, Ellen Degeneres & Pierce Morgan
Celebrity child dies or become sick or takes the wrong path A Visit to The View, Oprah and maybe Pierce Morgan

It has become expected or normal to share your pain with the world even when the tragedy or situation is considered very personal by most people. Why has painful experiences and personal strife become necessary public knowledge. This is not therapeutic or helpful for the celebrity. If a person needs to talk to someone to cope with a tragedy they should go to a professional therapist or psychologist. Although Oprah and the ladies at The View are very mothering and they APPEAR to be concerned, the fact is they are not professional therapists or psychologists, they are simply professional conversationalist! So why would anyone put their person pain and grief on display only for public speculation, opinion, ridicule and judgement. More importantly when did this become an acceptable way of life or the routine.

If you have never noticed this before or did not know this at all, now you know……………


Sophia Lenore



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Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Sophia Lenore

Sophia Lenore working behind the scenes on Germany’s Das Perfekt Model television show.

May 2012 22

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards




















Bobbi Kristina  was spotted at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards getting cozy with Nick Gordon( who is referred to as her ‘adopted brother’ by the Houston family) .

Earlier this year, Bobbi Kristina shut down rumors that she was engagement to her adopted brother. These rumors circulation after Bobbi Kris was spotted with a nice sized rock on her finger (pictured). According to a few reports, the ring is Whitney Houston’s wedding ring. However, it does appear that Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon ARE indeed a couple. So what is worst?  Accusations of being engaged to your adopted brother, or the fact that your actually dating your adopted brother. hmmm, I don’t know…..What’s your opinion?


Sophia Lenore

Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina & Mother Whitney Houston

Jun 2012 09

Kanye & Kim

Kim Kardashian splurged on a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador for her boyfriend Kanye West, for his 35th birthday. Although Kanye is currently in Ireland on his Watch The Throne world tour,  Kim brought the car before flying out today to visit Kanye.

The rare $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 can do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 350 km/h.

Kim also made a birthday video for Kanye featuring his awesome gift. Kim and Kanye will watch the birthday video  after Kanyes show in Dublin tonight.

Happy Birthday Kanye!!


Sophia Lenore

Kanye and Kim

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