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Hey Guys!

Do you need a little help in the men’s beauty department?
If so, it’s OK, I’m here to help.
Women are very observant. We notice everything about a man’s appearance.
These things influence our decision to date you, or take you as a lover.
So, if you want to improve your status with the ladies; or if you want to be sexier for that special lady- this is the post for you.
Here are the basics:
Women like men that smell good,
Women like men that take pride in their appearance. 
Women like men that are clean and well groomed.
Guys, if you can follow these 3 basic guidelines to men’s beauty and grooming then there is hope for you!
A well groomed man is a sexy man. These male beauty and grooming tips will keep you manly, but make you sexier!

Let’s get started!


Tip #1

Get Rid Of Dry, Rough Skin

(hands that are too manly, are not sexy!)

So, your the guy with the “rugged” good looks, but you also have dry, rough hands. Sorry to tell you- but this is not good!
Here’s the problem-Although you may be delightful to look at, women cringe on the inside when you touch them with rough hands.
Guys, your hands should not feel like cheese graters. 
Women want to be touched by a man with soft hands. They don’t have to be baby soft, but they should not feel like sandpaper!
Guys, you need to find a safe and effective way to moisturize your dry, rough skin.
You don’t need an elaborate skin care regimen. Just warm up a little unrefined coconut oil or jojoba oil in your hands and apply that anywhere you have dry skin. Or, invest in a good moisturizing body-lotion.
Lotioning the entire body is a plus!
Mens beauty tips 2
If you want to go the extra mile; you can give the absorption a boost and increase your moisture intake by removing the top layer of dead, dry skin cells from your hands or body first.
Sprinkle a little baking soda into your regular face cleanser or shower gel (also you can add the baking soda to your hands each time you wash your hand instead of putting it directly into your cleanser bottle).



Tip #2

Improve the look of your Skin

(get the skin everyone woman wants to touch)

Cleansing your face with an exfoliant gets rid of dead skin particles and leaves your face feeling smoother and looking great. It can also help prevent black heads, acne, and ingrown hairs. The apricot scrub shown below doesn’t cost a lot money, and it works nicely to clean skin and minimize pores.

This stuff works great.


Apricot Scrub

This stuff works great.



Tip #3

Minimize Wrinkles

(keep it tight & masculine) 

Keeping your skin exfoliated (scrubbed), and moisturized will do a lot to minimize and prevent wrinkles.
The real key to youthful skin, though, is your diet (and hydration, of course).
What not to eat:
  • Cut back on meat and dairy products, which can age your skin. If you don’t think you’ll ever completely give up your “meat and potatoes” type of diet, you don’t have to. Just eat less meat (no more than once per day), and look for grass-fed animals, these are organic options.
  • Skip coffee and caffeinated tea because they can dehydrate your skin, among other problems.
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners. Use Stevia or raw honey instead.
  • Fried foods (this one’s a no-brainer, right?)
What to eat more of:
  • Cabbage. It contains tons of vitamin C and some vitamin A, too, both of which help erase lines. It also detoxifies the blood, and the fiber helps push waste and toxins out of the body. Too many toxins in your body can actually show up on your face, making you look older than you are. Try eating some raw sauerkraut before dinner a few times per week.
  • Eat, or drink, pears to get rid of nasolabial folds. Just be sure you use organic pears and eat the skin, since that’s where most of the anti-aging nutrients are.
  • Watery vegetables or fruits help with hydration, which in turn will make your skin look more youthful.
mens beauty tips 3

Tip #4

Get rid of the under eye bags & dark circles

(the tired/wasted look is not hot! )

I understand that some eye problems can be a result of fluid retention, or stress (in addition to the more obvious lack of sleep) and not always due to partying.
Here is a way to flush out some of the fluid to improve the look of your eyes.
Munch on celery!
Celery works in two ways: it acts like a mild diuretic to encourage excess fluid to leave the body and it reduces stress hormones.
Mens beauty tips 4
To attack problems from the outside, you can freeze spoons overnight and then apply them to your eye area every morning.
Chilled raw potato slices placed under the eyes for around 20 minutes can help reduce dark circles because they contain catecholase, a skin-lightening enzyme.
If you’re especially worried about aging and dry skin around your eyes, you can try an all-natural eye cream.






Tip #5

Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

(nothing say’s “Kiss Me” to a woman like beautiful white teeth)

Here’s another reason to lay off the coffee and black tea. They stain. Avoiding them will help you maintain your bright smile.

One of the biggest things women notice when they first meet a man, right after smooth, clear skin, is a gorgeous bright smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female this is important.

Michelle Phan has a DIY recipe that uses strawberries to whiten teeth.

One word: strawberries.  That’s right – according to Michelle Phan and, strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration on your teeth.  Next time your teeth need a pick-me-up, give this easy DIY treatment a try:

1 strawberry
½ tablespoon baking soda


1.) Crush the strawberry to a pulp-y consistency

2.) Add in baking soda until blended

3.) Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth

4.) Leave on for 3-5 minutes

5.) Rinse and brush thoroughly with toothpaste

6.) Floss out any stray strawberry seeds :)


NOTE: It’s best to apply this treatment only once a week – the acid can damage the enamel on your teeth if you overdo it.

No matter how often you clean your teeth, they can become stained from drinking tea, coffee, smoking, and eating certain foods. There are many different ways to whiten your teeth, but the cheapest and most common option is to use a whitening toothpaste: although it might take a little longer than other methods, it will give you a brighter smile in two to three weeks.



Tip #6

Manicures for Men

(Men with manicured hands are hot!)

Manicured nails look great on anyone!
When you’ve got black stuff crusted underneath your nails, your not turning any woman on!
When a woman encounters a man with uneven, dirty nails, she’s wondering where has that hand been?! 
Guys, this is not something you want.
Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a good manicure. Your mother and your sister, if you have one, have been doing their own nails for years, and I am sure that they will gladly help you: all you have to do is ask. Plus, these days men go to nail salons to get their nails done all the time, so don’t think twice about it.

To enhance your well-manicured nails, a spot of clear nail polish or varnish will make them look even cleaner.

The Male Manicure





Tip #7


(all women like this!)

To shave, or not to shave is a matter of personal taste; if it feels right, then go ahead and do it, but if it doesn’t, then don’t. 
You can manage hair growth on body parts by trimming the hair now and then with scissors or an electric groomer, taking care not to endanger your chances of having children in the future.
If you do plan on removing unwanted body hair, read this article on manscaping for additional tips, there is also a video in the link for the first-timer.

Tip #8
Lose Weight with an Alkaline Diet
To lose weight, you need to give your body the best fuel, and eat foods that will help push the toxins out.Once you start to focus on whole, cleansing foods, your body will begin letting go of the fat that’s there to protect you from the chemicals and toxic waste you’ve accumulated from poor eating habits.Eat more foods that steer your body into a more alkaline state, which will help you drop the pounds more rapidly. Be sure to get more of these in your diet:
  • Leafy greens (including sea vegetables)
  • Ripe fruits
  • Sprouts
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Alkaline-forming grains, like quinoa and millet

You may also want to consider having a gravity-centered colonic to remove some of that old, acidic waste (never use laxatives for this purpose).

Consider incorporating a high alkaline diet along with moderate exercise into your lifestyle. Also, eat less fried and sugary foods.

Being healthy on the inside reflects on the outside guys!



When you look good, you feel good, and you are oozing confidence. Then all that is left is to enjoy your life.

If you need a product suggestion, or if you have a questions about this post, or about anything mentioned in this post leave a comment below.



Sophia Lenore

Nov 2014 06
If I had a “Badgirl” alter ego, her name would be Rihanna, and she would only do Rihanna-type things!
Ms. Rihanna Fenty Rocks!
I love that Rihanna lives her life openly and free. She is not concerned about what people think of her!
Ms. Fenty lives life to the fullest without shame or modesty! 
Every woman should incorporate a little Rihanna into their lives. A bit of bold confidence looks good on every woman!
I have a little Riri in me, and I’m not ashamed to say it! 
In Rihanna’s new editorial for Esquire U.K. Magazine she does not disappoint.
Riri exudes confidence and poise, while looking playfully sexy in each shot.
Photos from Rihanna’s Esquire U.K. Magazine shoot are below.
Feel free to leave a comment to tell me what you think of the photos. 
S. Lenore
All photos are curtesy of Esquire U.K. Magazine
Nov 2014 07




If Jennifer Lopez struggles with self esteem issues….
J.Lo sat down for an interview with E! News’ yesterday in New York and she bared her soul.
Jennifer opened up about a few topics from her new memoir “True Love”.
In the interview Jennifer shared how she has realized over the years that being in a relationship is no substitute if a girl isn’t in love with herself first and foremost.


“I would describe the woman I am today as a work in progress, a ‘WIP’!” Lopez smiled. “And this was the beginning of what I think is going to be a life-long journey of being content and happy with myself.” -Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer also confesses in her memoir how Ben Affleck crushed her soul, and destroyed her dreams when he called off their wedding.
“My heart was torn out of my chest” -Jennifer Lopez
Although Jennifer has millions of fans all over the world, J.Lo admits that she used to feed into all the negativity and ended up assuming that no one liked her.
“We have a tendency to focus on the negative and I let that work on my self-esteem,” Lopez said. “I was always thinking that people didn’t like me, they just hated me…It’s such a ridiculous notion, we tend to do this to ourselves.”- Jennifer Lopez
I applaud Jennifer’s honesty, she has a lot of courage.
Jennifer is a person struggling with low self esteem, and poor self image.
Many celebrities suffer from self esteem issues, as well as mental issues. This is very common.
If you suffer from self esteem issues your not alone. Take solace in knowing that even the biggest celebrities in the world suffer from poor self image. 
If your having a difficult time,  find help, and talk to someone. 
Remember that the greatest love of all is the love you have for yourself!
Click on the 3 part video link above to find out which other celebrities suffer from esteem issues, or mental illness.
Also, you can watch Jennifer’s full interview with E! News’ by clicking on the link below.
24 hour counseling service:
Nov 2014 08


Put away your lipstick girls- this season it’s all about eyes!
During the autumn/ winter 2014 season, I noticed that the stained lip is out, and the bare mouth is in!
This fashion season the focus is on eyes- but not just any eye makeup. Funky eye makeup!
From liquid latex applied to the lids at Dior, to extra-long false lashes at Rochas and Gucci, designers turned their attention to eye make-up when creating their season’s catwalk beauty looks.
The ever-present natural look remained popular on the runways as well, but this time with a healthy, sporty vibe – partnered with naturally wavy, tousled hair – or with clever sculpting and definition for a perfected take on the bare-faced look.
In regards to hair, this season the ballerina bun made it’s triumphed return to the spotlight.
However cornrows made an unexpected appearance at Alexander McQueen, Marchesa and DKNY. 
This autumn/ winter 2014 season is all about the natural when it comes to hair and makeup. So take a break from the flawless-face, and perfect hair. Keep it simple, but with lots of personality.
Below are some looks straight from the runway.
Take a risk and try one of these looks, and rock it out with confidence! 
S. Lenore
Nov 2014 09

Let’s face it-cosmetics for men is now an everyday reality.
Every woman LOVES a well groomed man, so guys it’s time to start improving/preserving your sexieness.
Trust me, the ladies Will appreciate it!
This means:

- Great skin

- Soft, kissable lips

- White teeth

- Soft hands

- Clean manicured hands (no callus please)

- Clean manicured feet (no callus please)

- Manscaped (trim your manly area guys!)

Below are some great men’s grooming products that won’t empty your bank account.
These are the best men’s cleansers, moisturizers, and more.
Also, click on the link above to watch and learn some men’s makeup tricks.
Learn some men’s makeup tricks that rock on guys with M∙A∙C Senior Artist John Stapleton’s subtle, but totally tough looks.




Here are some great go-to grooming products for men.


Styling Product

American Crew Pomade

Add shine and a medium, no-stick hold to your ‘do with this classic pomade.






Eye Cream

Nivea Men Energy Eye Roller Gel with Q10

Prevent wrinkles and sun damage by applying this antioxidant-packed, roll-on serum morning and night.






Face Moisturizer

Nivea Men Original Protective Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen

Reinforce your skin with moisture-retaining glycerin and a broad-spectrum SPF without the oily texture of typical sunscreens.






After Shave

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Avoid alcohol-based products, which can dry your skin, and opt for this balm that has vitamin B5—proven to reduce signs of aging.







Acqua di Gio

A signature fragrance of gentlemen across the world, this scent is one of the best selling men’s colognes ever.






Antiperspirant Deodorant

Old Spice Pure Sport Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant

Stop pit stains with this powerful, aluminum-based antiperspirant.






Shave Cream

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel

The closest shave start with prep, so use this gel that’s packed with ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and nick-free.







Dove Men+Care Fresh Clean Fortifying 2-in-1

Invigorating menthol and caffeine give this shampoo its refreshing kick. It repairs hair by stimulating blood flow to the follicles.






Body Wash

Dove Men+Care Odor Guard Body and Face Wash

Pack this two-in-one in your gym bag to wash away post-workout funk and clear off acne-inducing dirt and oil.







Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

Banish razor burn with this battery-powered razor that vibrates to reduce friction on the skin’s surface.



If you need more advice, or tips, leave me a question or comment below.

I will be happy to give you suggestions on the best men’s products based on your needs.



Sophia Lenore




Some product suggestions, and photos are curtesy of Men’


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