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Basketball Wives is one of those shows that started out harmless. The show featured great girlfriend adventures mixed with juicy story-lines and spontaneous drama. The leading ladies on the show seemed to have very interesting personalities and backrounds.  The ladies also appeared relateable and real in many cases. Every viewer had their favorite leading lady that they either identified with, or understood. Fast forward to seasons 4, and everything has changed!!

Viewers no longer tune in to check up on the progress and happenings of their favorite leading ladies. Now viewers watched to see the if someones purse is going to be held hostage or stolen,  or if  someone will get knocked in the head with a clutch purse, who is next to get slapped, or who is going to throw either a glass of wine in someones face or better yet a wine bottle!

Basketball Wives seasons 3 and 4 have received an enormous amount of negative criticism from the viewers, the press and even from the shows own leading ladies. So, do you agree with the critics? Has the show become too violent and juvenile? Is the show Basketball Wives a poor reflection on women, especially woman of color? Should it be cancelled for its negative betrayal of women?  Or do you think that the show can be redeemed?

Well, either way Shaunie O’Neal’s name is right in the middle of all the controversy,  and she’s had enough!!

Shaunie  is the executive producer and creator of the show, and she says that she has no problem washing her hands of the franchise and moving on! She recently sat down with ‘Insider TV‘ and said that if things do not change she is willing  to walk away from the show all together.  She also admitted– without naming names— that there are three Miami ladies she would cut from the team immediately, saying it’s not personal but they’re not going in the direction that she wants for the show:

Shaunie  says:

“I wish and I hope that Tami and I and all of the ladies can sit down and figure it out, because honestly I don’t want to go back. One of those things like I’m looking out of the corner of my eye [and wondering], ‘is anybody gonna pop of or throw something or hit somebody or take something’. I don’t want to sit in the midst of that anymore. I really just don’t want to be apart of it anymore. Not on that level, at all.”

So are you saying that in some way that you may walk away from the franchise?

I have no problem walking away from that franchise.

So you’re saying if it continues on the road it is, you may let it go?


It’s always going to be drama because it’s women together. It’s always going to be some, ‘You don’t like what she said,’ whatever, we’re going to get that, but I think the level of where it’s going is out of control. It’s out of control. And I do believe that certain ladies realize that and are taking responsibility.

Sometimes I sit and I just want to exit stage left immediately, cause I’m like, ‘What just happened?’ And what you didn’t see in one particular time that Jen get hit, after it happened and everyone is still in the room yelling and cussing each other out, I’m out on the patio just breathing. I was just totally away with my head in my hands because I’m like, what do you do at this point?

And I think there is hope for this all to get better. I think it starts a lot with the ladies taking responsibility with what they’ve done and changing it.

On Being Uncomfortable With Some of the Other Ladies
Yeah. I’m uncomfortable. I’m very uncomfortable. When you just don’t know…you have that ‘I don’t know’ feeling…I run from that feeling. I am now. I had the ‘I don’t know’ feeling going into season 4 and I should’ve stuck with my gut. The feeling of, ‘I don’t think I want to do this’ but I did it, but I won’t do it again.

On If She Would Exclude Some Ladies From the Next Season
Yes. Three. There would be three who are out immediately in Miami. No questions asked. Not in anything personal, just not where I’m trying to go. Not on the same page.

Which three leading ladies should Shaunie fire from the show in order to save it?

If you did not know, now you know…


Sophia Lenore