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Whitney Houston & Rihanna

If Hollywood were to ever produce a script for a film depicting the life and tragic death of Icon  Whitney HoustonRihanna says she would be honored to play her.

There has not been any talk in Hollywood about producing a Whitney Houston biopic. However speculation has run rampant since the Feb. 11 passing of the music legend. People are curious as to who would be the ideal candidate to take on such a role if a biopic was ever produced.

In addition to Rihanna, other names that have been mentioned to play the fallen singer, such as Jennifer HudsonBrandyJordin Sparks and actress Meagan Good. Meagan recently told Marc Malkin at E! News that she and Houston had actually begun discussions a possible movie for Meagan to star in.

Rihanna told Britain’s  The Telegraph  about her desire to play Whitney. Rihanna stated ”That would be something that I would have to give my entire life to do

Whitney Houston

because I would want to really pull it off. That’s a huge, huge role and whoever does it has to do a good job.” -Rihanna.

Rihanna considered Houston to be one of her idols.

“My first song that I remember falling in love with was a Whitney Houston song—’I Will Always Love You.  All of her music actually was always played in my house, with Mariah Carey and Céline Dion.” -Rihanna.

In the meanwhile, you can catch 24-year-old Rihanna in her soon-to-be-released film “Battleship”.

And if you didn’t know, now you know…


Sophia Lenore

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I love, LOVE!! What I love most are celebrity couples in love! When we see celebrity romances they make us say awww! When we get to see a celebrity relationship grow in public I always want the best for the couple. I want them to get married, have kids and be blissfully happy. I can and will never hate on love; even the love shared between the rich and famous. So on that note hear are a few couples from the past that you may or may not have known about. Some of these couples may surprise you, and some may make you say “awww, they where so cute together”. Nevertheless, love is a beautiful thing and I hope to see more celebrity  love stories blossom in the future.

So this segment is titled “No jump-off’s, no gold diggers, just love! (and one love triangle)

Erykah Badu& Andre 3000

Soul singer Erykah Badu and Outkast’s Andre 3000 were making beautiful music together literally and figuratively!  To me Erykah and Andre personified hippie love! I loved these two as a couple. Actually I wish they’d get back together. They just seemed like a beautiful union. They have a beautiful son together named Seven (adorable picture of father and son watching mommy Erykah on stage performing located above).


Damon Dash &  Aaliyah

The late singer, actress and model Aaliyah and music producer Damon Dash were a cute couple.  They were engaged to be married before Aaliyah’s untimely passing. The stunning singer, actress and model died in a plane crash in the Bahamas while returning to New York after filming a  music video for her latest album. Damon Dash is the former best friend and business partner of rapper Jay Z.


Aaliyah & Jay-Z

Singer, actress and model Aaliyah and rapper Jay-Z were a couple not many people knew about because Jay-Z and Aaliyah were kind of on the low. However Jay-Z was best friends and business partners with Damon Dash who was also dating Aaliyah. Soon JAY-Z and Damon Dash had a huge falling out over the love they both had for Aaliyah.

Initially both men were satisfied with being non-exclusive with Aaliyah. However later Jay-Z became unhappy when Dash started publicly dating Aaliyah in late 2000, up until her untimely death in 2001.

Unfortunately, the bitter relationship between Jay-Z and Dash extended beyond their personal lives, and into their business. This feud lead to the demise Rockefella records in 2004; which was the company they both shared.

Miriam Makeba & Black Panther Stokely Carmichael

The phenomenal singer Miriam Makeba, nicknamed Mama Africa, and her activist / Black Panther husband Stokely Carmichael was a couple that represented Black pride. Miriam Makeba is a Grammy Award-winning South African singer and civil rights activist. In the 1960’s she was the first artist from Africa to popularize African music in the U.S. and around the world. On November 9th, 2008, she became ill while taking part in a concert organized to support writer Roberto Saviano in his stand against the Camorra, a mafia-like organization local to the Region of Campania. The concert was being held in Castel Volturno, near Caserta,Italy. Makeba suffered a heart attack after singing her hit song “Pata Pata”, and was taken to the “Pineta Grande” clinic where doctors were unable to revive her. Africa still mourns for Miriam, she was an incredible woman.

Stokely Carmichael was a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC, pronounced “snick”) he later became a “Honorary Prime Minister” of the Black Panther Party. Initially an integrationist, Carmichael later became affiliated with black nationalist and Pan-Africanist movements. He popularized the term “Black Power“. Stokely was diagnosed with cancer at the age 0f 55 and after 2 years of treatment at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, he died of prostate cancer at the age of 57 in ConakryGuinea.

Mark Paul Gosselaar & Lark Voorhies

Mark Paul Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies were on the down low, but such a cute couple! The Saved By The Bell co-stars kept their romance under wraps, probably so the shows fan base wouldn’t freak out (can you say racism!). While people were following Mark’s on screen romantic shenanigans with co-star Tiffani Amber Thiessen he was actually in love with his African American co-star Lark.

Brad Pitt & Robin Givens

Robin Givens and Brad Pitt were a beautiful young couple. Before Robin married Mike Tyson she was a model at Ford modeling agency, and the star  of the hit television show, Head of The Class.  Robin was the famous one in this relationship and nobody knew who Brad Pitt was. My how things change! Incidentally, Brad also dated African actress Thandie Newton and Sinitta Renet Malone a Black British-American singer.   I see you Brad…dipping in all that chocolate before Jennifer Anniston , Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Rae Dawn Chong and C Thomas Howell

Rae Dawn Chong and C Thomas Howell was another very cute couple. They were married yet they starred in the hit movie Soul Man together. I always thought Rae was very beautiful. She was like an eighties version of Stacey Dash.  C Thomas Howell had a very good movie career also starring in The Outsiders with Tom Cruise. Rae starred opposite Arnold Swarzenegger in Commando. Rae is Afro-Asian like Tiger Woods. She’s the daughter of famous Irish Chinese comedian Tommy Chong and a black Canadian mother, Maxine Sneed.
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Will Smith’s new movie Entitled “Focus” could be his first hit in 7 years!
In this movie Will is giving us “Macho” big time!
This is a change for Will Smith, and I think I like it!
Watch the trailer for “Focus” above.
Leave me a comment below – tell me if you would see “Focus” when it comes to theaters.
“Focus” premiers in theaters February 2015th
Oct 2014 16
Channing Tatum has gone from hip-hop dancer, to model, to serious actor.
His career is on fire, and showing no signs of cooling down.
Now with the release of his new film “Foxcatcher”, Channing’s dramatic acting career is definitely on the rise.
In Channing’s new film entitled “Foxcather”, he shares the screen with “The 40 Year Old Virgin” star Steve Carell. 
This movie has acquired a tremendous amount of buzz, garnering Tatum and Carell praise for their powerful performances.
Rumor has it, this film has Oscar written all over it!
Channing’s career has really progressed from his days as a hip-hop dancer/male model.
Let’s take a look back at Channing Tatum, the model, in this blast from the past clip.
Click on the link above to enjoy vintage footage of Channing Tatum the model, before his crossover into acting.
Sophia Lenore
To watch the trailer for “Foxcatcher” click on the link below.
Oct 2014 27
The latest trend in fashion advertisement is the use of “Fashion Films”.
Several fashion houses are turing to fashion films as an extension to their editorial campaigns, and I think it is a brilliant concept!
These fashion films are like cool mini movies. They do more than just advertise a new collection, they bring a collection to life!
The average fashion editorial can’t come close to the lavish appeal of fashion films. 
Check out these new 2015 fashion campaigns that are being promoted with the use of fashion films.
The editorials are below, and their fashion films above.
Let me know which fashion film is your favorite.
S. Lenore
The campaign photos from Fashion Video #1.
Curtesy of “Hunger TV”.
Anais Pouliot stars in “Hunger’s” safety first fashion film, entitled “Use Protection”.
The campaign photos from Fashion Video #2.
Curtesy of “Hunger TV”.
Iceberg’s AW14 men’s collection
Federico Curradi’s muse this season is Batman’s own Bruce Wayne. 
The campaign photos from Fashion Video #3.
Curtesy of “Hunger TV”.
This fashion video is directed by Hunger TV’s Creative Director Vicky Lawton.
It was filmed on location with a host of horses from the set of Game of Thrones, and soundtracked by Thinnen’s remix of Laura Doggett’s “Phoenix”.
Cover star/model Soo Joo Park stars in the”Hunger TV” exclusive fashion film for Chanel Cruise,  a shoot entitled “The Following”.
The campaign photos from Fashion Video #4.
Curtesy of “Hunger TV”.
The fashion video is directed by Hunger TV’s creative director Vicky Lawton.
This Dior beauty film shows the dark side of model, Kirsi Pyrhonen.
The beauty film is soundtracked by Cousin Marnie, and styled by Cynthia Lawrence-John.


All videos, and photos, are curtesy of Hunger TV.
Check out more great fashion, and beauty, videos and photos at Hunger TV.
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