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The fashion-savvy Beyonce Knowles announced she and husband Jay-Z were expecting their first child last August at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Their announcement created sheer pandemonium on Twitter by breaking all new records for most tweets ever per hour about a single celebrity.

During Beyonce’s pregnancy we saw her out on the town in a succession of ensemble outfits featuring sky-high heels, mini dresses, gorgeous blouses with skinny jeans, and high waisted stretch pants to cover her growing baby bump. Then it happened, Beyonce gave birth to baby girl Blue Ivy Carter on January 7th 2012.

Recently Beyonce has been showing off her rocking post-baby body all over town. This week Mr. & Mrs. Carter attended Michelle Obama’s fundraiser for the president’s re-election campaign on Monday night inNew York. This was just 10 weeks after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy. Beyonce wore a navy blue curve-hugging, sophisticated dress by designer Victoria Beckham.

I know sometimes it is easy to forget, but Beyonce is human, she is not a robot or a mystical magical creature from another planet.  Beyonce has to work hard to stay in shape just like anyone else.  So of course she had a little help!  According to Star magazine, trainer Marco Borges lived with Beyonce for two-a-day workouts at 5 a.m. That takes commitment and as you can see it pays off!

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Ja-Z & Beyonce

On April 4th, Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated four years marriage.  Beyonce decided to celebrate the special day by launching her official Tumblr page. The page will be filled  with loads of personal pictures for her swarms of fans in her “Beyhive”. Beyonce refers to her fans lovingly as the hive, and she is Queen Bey!  You can check out a sneak peek of Beyonce’ s tumblr page and photo gallery right here- and celebrate with the Carters!.

We all know that 4 is Beyonce’s  (and her hubby’s) favorite number, for many reasons.  So it’s only natural that Beyonce does something extra special for their 4th wedding anniversary. So as a very special gift to her fans Beyonce is opening up a more personal part of her life via her new Tumblr account.  Although Blu Ivy had a Tumblr page before Beyonce did, funny!
Initially Jay-Z and Beyonce kept their relationship very private, for the longest they wouldn’t even confirm that they were married. Talking to the press about their relationship, or talking about each other was a topic the couple avoided.  Now Bey and Jay have become one of the most powerful couples in the industry, and now they are willing to give the public a peek into their relationship via Tumblr.
Matthew Siskin designed Beyonce’s Tumblr page and he revealed that Beyonce has over 150 picture available to start up the page, however there’s plenty more picture to come. Check out a few sneak peeks from Beyonce’s Tumblr page (including the one above)  the official Beyonce Tumblr Page  opens on the Carter’s Anniversary, April 4th (the password requirement will be removed when it is officially up and active). In the meantime here are some anniversary pictures from Beyonce’s Tumblr page photo gallery, enjoy!!

Jay & Beyonce's Anniversary pictures

Jay & Beyonce's Anniversary pictures (To Beyonce's fans)

Jay & Beyonce's Anniversary pictures

Apr 2015 06


Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary by sharing their love with the world in a song. On Saturday April 4th Beyonce debuted a brand new ballad fittingly, titled “Die With You”. The track debuted on Jay-Z’s new online music streaming service called ‘Tidal’.

On the new track Beyonce sings:

“Cause darling I wake up just to sleep with you. I open my eyes so I could see with you, and I live so I can die with you”.



The video features Beyonce wearing little makeup and looking tomboy chic while casually dressed in a graphic t-shirt and backwards baseball cap. She sits behind a grand piano while singing for the camera. Beyonce’s luscious voice resonates in the large echoing room, which features a beautiful pink abstract painting on the wall.

The video ends with Beyonce saying “Thank you” then taking the camera from the cameraman to reveal a very special cameo from Jay-Z himself, who just so happened to be playing cameraman that whole time.

Jay Z

Jay Z

Can I say that this might be the perfect wedding song? Watch the video to hear the song and let me know your thoughts.
Do you like the song?
Do you think it is romantic?
Or do you think this is just well planned marketing for Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming music service?
Let me know your opinion.
-S. Lenore
Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z and Beyonce