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Hope Adriana, singer/ songwriter

Hope Adriana, singer/ songwriter

While working as a celebrity hair & makeup artist I’v had the opportunity to collaborate with several singers, actors, athletes, and politicians. Most celebrities I’ve worked with will roll with an entourage. I usually steer clear of celebrity entourages and assistants due to a common mentality that consists of inflated-ego’s by association. However, my last celebrity collaboration forced me to break routine.

Get to know aspiring singer/songwriter Hope Adriana the humble kind-hearted celebrity assistant with the angelic voice and heart of gold!

Help Hope Adriana go viral. I’ve never met someone more deserving.
Just click on the links above to watch, listen, enjoy and spread the word by sharing this post!


Sophia Lenore

Sturmgruppe Lana Del Rey Marilyn Manson by lionsground
Feb 2015 05

Rape Scene From Lana Del Rey Music Video

A developing trend in pop culture is the “Glamorous Dehumanization of Women”. Obscene graphic art used to be underground and taboo, now it is mainstream and socially acceptable. When did we become a society that is entertained by violent rape and senseless brutality?

Lana Del Rey is rapped for the sake of art in 2 online videos, the rape scene is featured in a interpretive art video also starring Marilyn Manson, and the same rape scene is recycled and featured in Lana’s music video for her song “Pretty When You Cry”, even the title of the song sounds rapy!

Click on the links above to view the videos. Do you think this is art? Or do you think that this is sick and disturbing?

Leave  you comments below.

Sophia Lenore


Taylor Swift Performs ‘Welcome to New York’ & ‘Shake It Off’
Taylor Swift- Welcome to New York + Shake It... by ryanr1211 One Direction Perform ‘Steal My Girl’
[HD] One Direction - Steal My Girl - Rockin Eve 15 by IdolxMuzic One Direction Perform ‘Story of My Life’
[HD] One Direction - Story Of Life - Rockin Eve 15 by IdolxMuzic One Direction Perform ‘What Makes You Beautiful’
[HD] One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful... by IdolxMuzic One Direction Perform ‘Night Changes’
[HD] One Direction - Night Changes - Rockin Eve 15 by IdolxMuzic Meghan Trainor Performs ‘All About That Bass’
[HD] Meghan Trainor- All About That Bass... by IdolxMuzic Meghan Trainor Performs ‘Lips Are Movin”
[HD] Meghan Trainor- Lips Are Movin - Rockin... by IdolxMuzic Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX Perform ‘Fancy’
[HD] Iggy Azalea - Fancy (feat... by IdolxMuzic Charli XCX Performs ‘Boom Clap’
[HD] Charli XCX - Boom Clap - Rockin Eve 15 by IdolxMuzic Gwen Stefani Pharrell Spark The Fire Magic! Performs ‘Let Your Hair Down’ and ‘Rude’
[HD] Magic - Let Your Hair Down & Rude - Rockin... by IdolxMuzic Idina Menzel Performs ‘Let It Go’
[HD] Idina Menzel - Let It Go - Rockin Eve 15 by IdolxMuzic
Jan 2015 02

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and an amazing New Year’s Eve.

If you didn’t get to see any of the 2015 New Year’s Eve performances because you were too busy partying and creating memorable moments with friends and family here’s your chance to catch what you missed while you were living it up!

Here are some 2015 New Years’ Eve performances that were streaming last night.

Performances from:

Taylor Swift

One Direction

Meghan Trainor

Iggy Azalea

Charli XCX

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell 


Idina Menzel



Dec 2014 28

Acclaimed artist Luis Quiles continues to tackle the most important social commentaries with his work, through art Quiles expresses a unflinching level of honesty that most artists lack the courage to convey.

Quiles is considered one of the most courageous artists of our generation because he is brave enough to use his work to reflect the most shameful truths about our current society. His relentless commitment to social consciences is unrivaled so I applaud his brave and tireless efforts to enlighten a care-less nation.

When viewing the images below I kindly ask that you take your time and digest each image with a conscience mind.  Viewer discretion is advised.

*The text that accompany each image is my interpretation of what is being said by the image. Art is open to subjective interpretation, so the captions following each photo is my interpretation of Quiles’s art.

Some images where left caption-less so that you can make your own conclusion on what is being said through the image. So please feel free to share your take on each illustration in the comment section below! 


The censorship of free-thought and the consequences that can follow if you voice your opinion.

We live in a nation that proclaims to uphold freedom of speech as a human right, however it’s interesting how laws, regulations and fear of being called a “Socialist” limit our choices and thoughts. Citizens can get locked away simply for defying their government’s belief systems. I wonder how long society will continue to allow censorship to take place.



Religion’s involvement with poverty and the world hunger epidemic.

It’s no secret that many religious institutions garner mass amounts of wealth and do not pay taxes on their income. If these institutions choose to collaborate surely they would be able to gather the finances to help eliminate or drastically diminish the poverty and hunger pandemic worldwide.




How female sexuality is used to divert the attention of hormone-driven men.

Female oversexualization is rampant throughout all forms of media today. In today’s society we are bombarded with hyper-sexualized images of women used to stimulate testosterone-driven men. Not only is this prevalent in the media but it is also common in various aspects of modern-day culture.

For instance at restaurants, lounges, real estate agencies, car dealerships and other service orientated industries women are told to “Look Sexy” to persuade or entice customers. Even in everyday life women are encouraged to wear short skirts, high heals and cleavage revealing shirts in order to be considered appealing or attractive. Female pop stars and celebrities are exploited sexually by the mainstream media on a regular basis. Men are not subjected to oversexualization in order to succeed or be appealing. This is encouraged by the male dominating influences that control our society.




Generation Notification, the social media crazed population.


Social media has undoubtedly changed the way we interact with each other, we are connected but detached as a culture. On a global scale society has become addicted to their phones, iPads and laptops. Technology and the human race has almost completely merged. The lines between social media, reality, and everyday life is becoming more blurred.

There are multiple social media platforms available for people to get lost in, most if not all are just distractions from life. These social media sites encourage you to waste time by allowing you to aimlessly scroll through never-ending news feeds, celebrity gossip feeds and endless photos of other people’s lives. How will our relationship with social media affect us as a society in the future? Will the addiction continue to grow and consume our lives? The thought of it makes me somewhat nervous… 




The innocent casualties of unnecessary wars.


We live in a world that is constantly engaged in unnecessary wars that put innocent civilians at risk? This is something I will never understand. All over the world there are children that have either lost parents due to war or are themselves subjected to the by-product of war arms, i.e., radiation and firearm-induced amputation. Whether you support the ‘war on terror’ or not, one can’t argue the absurdity of killing or mutilating innocent children in the name of defending one’s own country. 





The cut-throat power of money and it's hold over the people.


The current system is currently set up like a giant game of survival of the fittest. Yes, ‘the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.’ Today practically every industry is fueled by financial gain. People are willing to step-on and cut the throat of whoever they need to in the name of money.

The worst thing about our money driven culture is that we allow “Big Business” and their financial interests to literally destroy the planet. Our oceans, ecosystems and wildlife is either dying or being destroyed right before our eyes for superficial gain. How did a fictitious economic system prompt the eventual downfall of the entire planet? Will mankind wake-up to its own insanity before it’s too late?





How professional athletes are predominately used to sell products.

No explanation needed…






How pharmaceuticals are both turning us into a population of zombies and killing us at a rapid pace.

In the United States more people are killed by drugs than motor vehicle accidents. In 2009, 37,485 people suffered drug related deaths, these deaths were caused by overdoses to prescription medications. In the same year 36,284 people died due to motor vehicle accidents. Drug fatalities more than doubled among teens and young adults between 2000 and 2008, and more than tripled among people aged 50 to 69 years old.

Hospitals contribute to the drug problem as well. Between 1976 to 2006 researchers have found 62 million death certificates that indicate fatalities caused by prescription drugs that were prescribed and provided to patients while in hospital settings. These fatalities were noted as medication errors. How is this considered normal?

I’m going to stop my interpretations here.
The following images created by Luis Quiles will not include my opinion on it’s possible meaning, these remaining images are for you to interpret. So, let me know what they say to you by leaving a comment below.










MCM final Edit Version 2014 from Sophia Lenore on Vimeo.

Dec 2014 22

This year MCM launched it’s “Flower Boy” collection and Sophia Lenore TV was invited to cover the Berlin in-store event.

Thank you to MCM’s Chairwoman, Ms. Sung-Joo Kim, Designer Michael Michalsky and Christian Chevalier at Blanc+Encens.
To view exclusive footage from the MCM “Flower Boy” event click on the video above.


Sophia Lenore
Photos are curtesy of  MCM.com


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch


Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch

Photos from 2014 MCM Collection Launch



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