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Halle Berry is in another heated dispute with her former partner Gabriel Aubry regarding their daughter Nahla. This time the former couple is engaged in a racially charged fight regarding Nahla’s hair. Berry alleges that Aubry has bleached and chemically straightened Nahla’s hair in an attempt to conceal the 4 year old’s biracial identity. Berry protests that this was done by Aubry in an attempt to make their daughter appear more White.

Gabriel Aubry’s decision to chemically process Nahla’s hair at the tender age of 4 years old is not only damaging to her hair, but it is also damaging to her self esteem. Aubry’s selfish choice to change Nahla’s natural hair texture, and hair color sends a negative message to his daughter that her hair is not beautiful to her father.

Nahla will internalize how she sees herself based on her father’s actions, because young girls idolize their fathers. Nahla is at an impressionable age and she is developing her personality. She is susceptible to fostering stigmas and characteristics of prejudice. Aubry’s actions can encourage Nahla to develop a negative self image.

In my opinion, Aubry’s actions show a lack of sensitivity, and awareness as a parent. I commend Berry for trying to protect her daughter from early self esteem issues that can be triggered by Aubry’s actions. However, I am not sure if suing Aubry is the best defense in order to protect her daughter.

So what do you think about Gabriel’s decision to chemically process the hair of his 4 year daughter? Do you think Halle is overreacting by taking Gabrielle to court? Or do you think Halle is justified in her actions?


Sophia Lenore

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Anyone who knows me personally can testify to the fact that I LOVE trying new hairstyles.
My hair has been every length, and almost every color.
I love to keep my man guessing when it comes to my hair.
It’s fun to change-up your style and express different personalities in you look.
However, I have never tried irregular hair colors. 
When I lived in Berlin I admired the blue, red, green & pink hair trends that the berlin woman were rocking in 2014.
However, I never had the urge to try them until now!
Leave it to Rita Ora makes to make me want to go out and dye my hair pink—I’m guessing I’m not the only one she inspires.
However, I probably won’t do it, and here’s why: It would too be hard on my hair (all that bleach and dye), I get anxious just thinking about the upkeep, and most of all, I worry that I’d regret the drastic change after a week or two. 
I’ll soon be able to put those fears aside.
There is a new technology in the works that will make it possible to change hair color without dye.
Yes! You heard me correctly- you’ll be abel to dye your hair any color you want, without dying it! 
This new hair-color technology will be like press-on hair color, all you’ll need is a flatiron!
Sounds to good to be true right? Well, it’s coming!
The inspiration for this technology came from butterfly wings, which get their coloring not from pigments but from microscopic patterns on the wings surfaces that interact with light.
Scientists can imprint similar nano-size designs onto human hair to give it iridescent color.
This is achieved by using an etching machine that causes the hair to retain the new color until it grows out.
At the present time this method is impractical for a full head of hair. However, scientists are working on improving this limitation.
The general idea behind this technology is that it will become possible to apply temporary color patterns to the hair with a simple flatiron.
The steps will simply require you to coat the hair with the product, which would be absorbed into the hair with the help of a flatiron.  You can simply wash out the color when you are ready for a new shade. Simple!
I can’t wait for this technology to hit stores. This technology will take my love of versatility to another level!
So, would  you try this product when it becomes available? 
Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.
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Taylor Swift graces the cover of Wonderland magazine almost au natural, and she is stunning!
Swift is styled with slicked back hair, minimal bronzed make-up and bushy brows, making her look very indie and fresh.
The 24-year-old has been sporting the polished girl-next-door look for quite some time now, so it’s refreshing to see the singer switch it up.
Do you love Taylor’s new hipster look? Or do you hate it, and prefer your Taylor more polished?
Leave your comments below.


Sophia Lenore

 Photos curtesy of Wonderland Magazine



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Before & After With Halo Extensions

Before & After With Halo Extensions


Extensions have never been easier!
The newest hair craze is “The Halo Hair Technique”, and it rocks! 
This new hair technique allows you to go from short thin hair, to long thick showgirl hair in just minutes!
If your looking for a way to add versatility to your hair, without the hassle of spending hours at the hairdresser, this is the product for you!
This new hair technique allows you to have the hair you want, when you want it, without making a commitment to a particular hairstyle.
What I like the most about this new product is that Halo Hair is gentle on the hair.
Hair extensions can be damaging to the hair, especially after prolonged use.
However this technique eliminates the damaging risk factors associated with hair extensions.
Do you want to know more?
Click on the links above to learn more about this new hair craze.
In the videos you can see how simple the Halo Hair extensions are to apply.
Also, to see how simple the Halo Hair extensions are to apply to Black women’s hair, just click on the link below. 


To learn even more, visit these Hair Halo websites:
S. Lenore
Before & After With Halo Extensions

Before & After With Halo Extensions


Before & After With Halo Extensions

Before & After With Halo Extensions


Before & After With Halo Extensions

Before & After With Halo Extensions

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Let’s face it-cosmetics for men is now an everyday reality.
Every woman LOVES a well groomed man, so guys it’s time to start improving/preserving your sexieness.
Trust me, the ladies Will appreciate it!
This means:

- Great skin

- Soft, kissable lips

- White teeth

- Soft hands

- Clean manicured hands (no callus please)

- Clean manicured feet (no callus please)

- Manscaped (trim your manly area guys!)

Below are some great men’s grooming products that won’t empty your bank account.
These are the best men’s cleansers, moisturizers, and more.
Also, click on the link above to watch and learn some men’s makeup tricks.
Learn some men’s makeup tricks that rock on guys with M∙A∙C Senior Artist John Stapleton’s subtle, but totally tough looks.




Here are some great go-to grooming products for men.


Styling Product

American Crew Pomade

Add shine and a medium, no-stick hold to your ‘do with this classic pomade.






Eye Cream

Nivea Men Energy Eye Roller Gel with Q10

Prevent wrinkles and sun damage by applying this antioxidant-packed, roll-on serum morning and night.






Face Moisturizer

Nivea Men Original Protective Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen

Reinforce your skin with moisture-retaining glycerin and a broad-spectrum SPF without the oily texture of typical sunscreens.






After Shave

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Avoid alcohol-based products, which can dry your skin, and opt for this balm that has vitamin B5—proven to reduce signs of aging.







Acqua di Gio

A signature fragrance of gentlemen across the world, this scent is one of the best selling men’s colognes ever.






Antiperspirant Deodorant

Old Spice Pure Sport Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant

Stop pit stains with this powerful, aluminum-based antiperspirant.






Shave Cream

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel

The closest shave start with prep, so use this gel that’s packed with ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and nick-free.







Dove Men+Care Fresh Clean Fortifying 2-in-1

Invigorating menthol and caffeine give this shampoo its refreshing kick. It repairs hair by stimulating blood flow to the follicles.






Body Wash

Dove Men+Care Odor Guard Body and Face Wash

Pack this two-in-one in your gym bag to wash away post-workout funk and clear off acne-inducing dirt and oil.







Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

Banish razor burn with this battery-powered razor that vibrates to reduce friction on the skin’s surface.



If you need more advice, or tips, leave me a question or comment below.

I will be happy to give you suggestions on the best men’s products based on your needs.



Sophia Lenore




Some product suggestions, and photos are curtesy of Men’


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