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The Tikker Watch

The Tikker Watch

Could a countdown to your death help you lead a more ecstatic life?
If you knew exactly when you were going to die, would you finally get off your ass and start living life to the fullest?
Well, let’s hope it doesn’t take a death predicting smart watch to get you motivated to live your own life!
After the launch of the Apple Watch received mixed reviews – is seemed like people just didn’t think smart watches were worthwhile.
However, that was before the release of The Tikker Watch – also affectionately referred as “The Death Watch”.
The Tikker Watch is the smart watch that is so smart it can tell you exactly when your going to die. Scary!

So how does it work?

The Tikker Watch uses a person’s age, medical history, and gender to determine exactly when they are scheduled to “Kick The Bucket”.
Tikker computes exactly how long a person has left to live and then displays it in months, days, hours, minutes, and yes, seconds!
Obviously, Tikker is not totally accurate (yet), and the death date it gives you is really just an estimate.
So, until the first person drops dead on the date predicted by their Tikker Watch, it is just an educated guess. But still, isn’t it a fun notion to consider?
Oddly enough, Fredrik Colting, the inventor of The Tikker Watch is not only a Swedish author turned watch designer, but he’s also a former gravedigger!
Does this make him more qualified than any fashion designer to design such a macabre timepiece?
Until the launch of The Tikker Watch, Colting was most famous for his novel  60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye , his controversial “sequel” to the infamous novel  The Catcher in the Rye , which is now banned in the United States for copyright infringement.
Well, I hope his latest invention receives a better reception from the public.
To learn more about The Tikker Watch visit their website:http://mytikker.com/
So what do you think of this new smart technology?
Do you think it is too morbid? Or totally intriguing? Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts.
S. Lenore


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Elle November 2014 Covers

Elle November 2014 Covers




Elle Magazine is serving us a generous amount of glam this month! And we love it!

For their November issue, Elle is hitting us with 4 fabulous covers – featuring 4 very different, yet equally amazing women.
Each year ELLE Magazine explores the careers of the most talented names in film – for their annual “Women in Hollywood Issue”. 
In this issue, Elle Magazine profiles the careers of Zoe Saldana , Elizabeth Banks , Annette Bening , Tina Fey , Jennifer Garner , Jessica Lange , Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Brie Larson .
 Elle Magazine’s November issue will hit newsstands on October 21st.
However, if you can’t wait until then – you can get a preview of the covers below .  
S. Lenore 


To see even more visit Elle Magazine.com
[ Image via  Elle Magazine . ]
Zoe Saldana- Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover

Zoe Saldana- Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover

Zoe Saldana- Inside Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover

Zoe Saldana- Inside Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover


Jennifer Garner- Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover

Jennifer Garner- Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover


Tina Fey Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover

Tina Fey Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover


Jessica Lange Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover

Jessica Lange Elle Magazine November 2014 Cover



All photos are curtesy of Elle Magazine.com
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Fashion Campaign Shoot

Fashion Campaign Shoot


Fashion Campaign Shoot

Fashion Campaign Shoot


Fashion Campaign Shoot
 Do you live for fashion?
Do you love to flip through fashion magazines just to see the latest fashion trends, and glamorous campaigns?
Do you love, and appreciate a good fashion campaign when you see one?
If so, rejoice!
I got your fix right here!
Below are some of my favorite fashion campaigns of the 2014 autum / winter season. (So far!) 
I made my selections based on visual flare and originality.
So indulge, and enjoy!
Do forget to let me know which campaigns you love, or absolutely hate, by leaving a comment below .

Autumn / winter 2014 campaigns

selection by Sophia Lenore.

Aquascutum presents their a / w 2014 campaign featuring Damian Lewis (from the hit television show “Homeland”), photographed by Alasdair McLellan. 
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is understated, but lovely.
The campaign feels like “Old Hollywood” , but with a modern appeal. 
The choice of black & white photography gives the campaign depth and mystery. 
- Sophia Lenore
Burberry a/w 2014 Accessories campaign featuring Cara Delevingne and Malaika Firth, photographed by Mario Testino.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is bursting with color, and breezy imagination. 
I love the light, airy feel of this campaign. 
It’s simple; yet full of  bold prints and tossed hair!
- Sophia Lenore
Just Cavalli a/w 2014 campaign featuring Langley Fox shot by Michel Comte.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is rocker/hipster sheik!
I love the calm demure vibe in each shot.
The styling is beautiful, but not overdone.
Check out the use of flowers and guitars in each shot. Very fashionably rebel!
-Sophia Lenore
Prabal Gurung a/w 2014 campaign featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, photographed by Daniel Jackson.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is basically a work of art!
Although I would have loved to see a different back drop for each shot, the images are still mesmerizing.
-Sophia Lenore
Hunter Original a/w 2014 campaign, photographed by Viviane Sassen.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign features random animals, and random imagery. 
It is not the strongest campaign, but it is oddly interesting. 
- Sophia Lenore
Stella McCartney a/w 2014 campaign featuring Kate Moss, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is a bit cooky! But in a good way!
I like the zipper frame theme in each shot.
The campaign is subtle, yet unique. 
-Sophia Lenore
Alexander McQueen a/w 2014, photographed by Steven Klein and featuring Edie Campbell.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is beautifully gothic, and alluring. 
Although the campaign is cold and dark, it is eerily gorgeous. 
-Sophia Lenore
Rita Ora for Roberto Cavalli a/w 2014, photographed by Francesco Carrozzini.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is stunning! 
The photography, hair, makeup, styling and set design are “ON POINT”.
I love how the first shot feels so fun and energetic, then the second shot is purely glamourous and demure!
- Sophia Lenore
Kit Harington (from hit television show “Game of Thrones”) for Jimmy Choo a/w 2014, shot by Peter Lindbergh.
First, I must admit that I am a bit bias towards this autumn / winter 2014 campaign, because I am an insane “Game of Thrones” fan! John Snow is such a hottie!
Secondly, this campaign is beautifully styled, and the location is lovely. 
Lastly, the color contrast in each shot is flawless!  
- Sophia Lenore
Edie Campbell for Bottega Veneta a/w 2014, photographed by David Sims.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is all about lines and symmetry.
Kudos to the hairstylist, and this beautifully cut wig.
The intricate haircut works amazingly well with the strong lines featured in the collection. 
Well done!
- Sophia Lenore
Adriana Lima for Jason Wu a/w 2014, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is simple, yet still very glamourous. 
It feels like the photo crew just decided to have Adriana jump into a large indoor potted tree for a final shot, and it just worked!
I say this because I have worked on hundreds of shoots, and you don’t usually plan to put a model in a potted tree located in a restaurant, while wearing an evening gown.
Nevertheless, it just works!
-Sophia Lenore
Claudia Schiffer for Dolce & Gabbana a/w 2014, shot by Domenico Dolce, with artistic direction from Stefano Gabbana.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is very bewitching, and mysterious.
This is a visually alluring campaign.
However I feels like the visuals within the set design overshadow the collection a bit. 
Nevertheless, it made my list for it’s beautiful weirdness.
-Sophia Lenore
Alexa Chung (plus canine friend) for Longchamp a/w 2014.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is beautiful and fresh, without losing any of the glam!
The art direction is great!
The location and set design is plentiful, and lovely.
The backdrops, wardrobe styling, props, hair & makeup all blend perfectly together in each shot. 
-Sophia Lenore
Marikka Juhler for Giorgio Armani a/w 2014, shot by Sølve Sundsbø.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign is a visually strong, yet understated. 
The neutral colored back drops work very well with the collection.
-Sophia Lenore
Versace a/w 2014, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, featuring Filip Hrivnak and Daniel van der Deen.
Their autumn / winter 2014 campaign just uses what works; beautiful boys barely dressed, but wonderfully styled. 
The campaign feels like a throwback to the oversexualized 90′s editorial.
However, it is balanced by the final shot, which is just total glam.
-Sophia Lenore
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Cure for the Female hangover

Cure for the Female hangover

Life is too short to deny yourself the occasional party!

However, when a harmless night out with friends turns into a shot slamming, wine chugging night of debauchery, and you still have to work the next morning, what do you do?! How do you conceal the visual signs from last nights girls night out?

Well, you’ve come to the right place for advise.

Here’s how to get your shit together!

The cure for the female hangover

The cure for the female hangover











Step 1: Get going

Since there’s no time for dilly-dallying, take a power shower with a super invigorating body wash like Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel from The Body Shop. The wafting citrus scent will wake you right up!

Step 2: Salvage your skin

Instead of tussling with your face cream, primer, and foundation, rely on an all-in-one BB Cream, like Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector. It’s a tinted moisturizer that covers redness and unevenness just as well as a full-blown foundation.

Next, add a healthy wash of color to the apples of your cheeks with Dream Bouncy Blush by Maybelline. Available in 10 bright and beautiful shades, apply the lightweight gel formulation using a tapping motion with your fingertips for a seamless, natural-looking finish.

Step 3: Energize your eyes

Did you know that excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates your eyes? That’s precisely why they feel dry and look bloodshot after a wild night out on the town. For instant relief, lubricate them with two drops of your favorite redness-banishing eye drops.

Chances are your eyes are swollen and saddled with dark circles as well. De-puff and brighten your peepers with Lancome Beinfait Multi-Vital Eye SPF 28. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, using just the tiniest amount of this treatment will help mask the unsightly effects of last night’s debauchery.

Your primping pièce de résistance? YSL Touch Éclat Radiant Touch. Loved by many industry professionals, this miracle concealer is the ultimate beauty essential—a click and a few swipes underneath each eye illuminates the shadowy area, leaving you looking like you caught much more than a few hours of shut-eye last night.

For a little bit of oomph, doll up your gaze with the length- and volume-inducing Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara. It gives your eyelashes a sexy false lash effect with just two coats.

Step 4: Master your mane

Don’t bother fussing with your hair; that’s what impeccable ponytails are for. Dampen your locks and palm a handful of Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Sculpting Gel from your hair line to the nape of your neck. Brush hair into a low ponytail using a boar bristle brush, and tautly secure the base with a tress-tone elastic. Not only does it hold hair in place for hours on end, it also imparts a high, healthy-looking shine.


What are your tricks to erasing the visual signs of a great party, or a wild night out?

Share some of your beauty tips for concealing the signs of a hangover? Share. Help a girl out!

The cure for the female hangover

The cure for the female hangover














For more product suggestions based on hair type, or skin type, ask me by leaving a comment.

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The Kardashians

The Kardashians

Are the Kardashians over-rated, or just over-hated?

The stylish dark haired beauties are said to have ‘gargantuan egos’, and many fashion and mainstream media publications are counting the days to their downfall.

So, do you still love the Kardashians, or do you hate them, and wish they would just go away?

After reading the article below tell me your thoughts on the Kardashians by leaving a comment below.


S. Lenore

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