Jan 2016 30


Coldplay and Beyonce have come together to make a visually stunning new music video that takes you on a fantasy ride through Mumbai, India during a colorful festival celebrating a religious holiday (Holi). In the video Coldplay and Beyonce fuel even more anticipation for their upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

The Grammy-winning band collaborated with Beyonce to release the video for the song “Hymn for the Weekend,” which is the lead single from their seventh album, A Head Full of Dreams.

In the video Beyoncé joins Coldplay in Mumbai, India during a ceremonial festival. The highly-pigmented video features the band performing in the streets during a Holi celebration while singing and dancing. The visuals compliment the song so beautifully!

Beyonce plays a film star who is seen on television sets and is plastered on billboards across the city. In the video Chris Martin attends a movie where he’s watching Beyoncé sing as she wears gorgeous elaborate dresses while adorned with beautiful, colorful jewelry and henna tattoos. In this scene Bey is in full earth-goddess mode, with an elaborate headdress dancing in front of a wall of flowers.

The band traveled to India to film the video while recording in temples across Mumbai by day, and performing at random bars by night.  

Expect to see the song “Hymn For The Weekend” performed at this year’s Super Bowl 50, where Beyonce will join Coldplay for the bands halftime performance scheduled for Feb. 7. 

Sophia Lenore