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A woman’s hair frames her face like a beautiful frame does for a picture. When your hair looks good, you feel good and at your most beautiful.

So, how do you select the perfect hairstyle for yourself? Do you stick to what’s trendy? Or, do you engage in countless hair experiments until you get lucky?

Hmm…both choices can be a bit risky (and could haunt you forever).

by Prestige Artist Zulema.

There’s an endless selection of hairstyles and trends you can choose from. However, to find the perfect hairstyle that suits your face and hair-type it is best to consult with a knowledgable professional.

In the meantime, let’s start with how certain hairstyles become trends, and why sometimes trends should be avoided.

Beauty magazines, television shows, films and blogs are all dedicated to imposing hair, makeup and fashion trends on you. They are all about “What’s In, “What’s Out”, “This Rule”, “That Rule” blah, blah, blah! The truth is, all new trends are stolen, or inspired by “street-style”.

Street-walkers, and passers-by are the best “Muses”! It is really extraordinary! You can just sit and watch person after person walk down the street and observe the most varied personal styles, and unique forms of fashionable expression from people just being themselves.

However, that being said, “street-style” hairstyles are often mistakes spawned from “do it yourself attempts” at real trends. Unfortunately these homemade attempts at “hair trends” have lead to what’s now called “fashionable accidents”. These hair nightmares are eventually embraced as hairstyle-trends and imposed on society. I say, please God, make it stop!

For example, the popular coloring technique called the “shatush” is a prime example of “do it yourself” gone wrong! This style consists of hair that is bleached on the bottom and darker on top. This “do it yourself” color mishap became a fashion hair craze that all women fell in love with. Ok, I admit, I fell in love with it too, then I came to my senses.



Let’s stop perpetuating massive hair mistakes, and start launching hair trends based on correct styling techniques that are not regretful, or hazardous to the hair!
So ladies, (and gentlemen) let’s begin by saying goodbye to the “shatush”. Let’s embrace new, and correct color trends that don’t kill the hair, but are still fun and darling!

For example, let’s show some love to the professional creations called the”bronde”, the”flanboyage” and the “surfer strand”. I know you maybe thinking, the huh?! The what?! I know, the names are regrettably weird, but these new hair color trends are un-regrettable trends you can love forever!

These new professionally concocted free-style hair colors are spawned from your natural haircolor, enhanced by added highlights made from mixed colors, without the use of bleach. This technique creates brilliant shadows and a supernatural effect. The result is ” beautiful hair made simply “.

Haircolor that’s mixed with warm tones, as seen above, will give hair a more natural look. This color technique will help you achieve a healthier more desirable look. Over time the haircolor will fade away naturally by routine shampooing and by sun exposure. Hence maintaining your natural beauty while the color fades away without looking like a chemically altered bleach victim.


For more hair advice ask me anything. My mission is to save you from horrible trends, one person at a time :-) .


by Prestige Artist Zulema.
Prestige Artist and licensed professional hairstylist.
Co-written and edited by Sophia Lenore