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Rapper Bizzle

Rapper Bizzle

It takes a lot of drive, and a ton of hard work to make it in the music industry.  We live in a gimmicky-shock-value-driven era in music – the days of simply being a recording artist are long gone!  I offer a platform for artists simply trying to get their music out to the public – no gimmicks – just music! 

Sophia Lenore’s Artist Spotlight features new music from new, and independent artists who want to share their music with the world, and get some feedback in return – nothing too complicated!

Join the conversation and let your opinion be heard! Just leave a comment with some feedback about the artist and their work – that’s all we ask – that’s all we need.

These artists need your feedback in order to develop their talent, and improve the quality of music produced for you (the public), so be honest – but try to be nice!

Bizzle is a member of the acclaimed Christian rap group ‘God Over Money’. In January 2010, Bizzle released “You Got Some Explaining to Do,” a song directed towards Jay-Z, calling the rap icon out on his negative references towards Jesus and Christianity in his music. The song and it’s music video caused tremendous controversy and generated a buzz that even Bizzle couldn’t anticipate. 
Let your opinion be heard! 
Watch Bizzle’s new music video for “#Not4Sale” by Bizzle ft. Lauryn Hill and leave your feedback below.  
Rapper Bizzle
Rapper Bizzle

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Website: http: //godovermoney.com/
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