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The fashion industry is buzzing over whether Versace copied the American Apparel T-shirt created by British-born designer Kesh. The Los Angeles based designer shared images from Versace’s spring / summer 2015 collection expressing her disgust over the obvious copy of her work which is currently selling out at Selfridges for $650 per T-shirt, two years after Kesh debuted her original high-fashion street version for less than $ 30 per T-shirt.

Kesh's T-shirt, left, and Versace's version, right (picture credit: Kesh / Instagram)

Kesh's T-shirt is on the left, and the Versace version in on the right. (picture credit: Kesh / Instagram)


“This hurts,” Kesh said via Instagram, accompanied with a picture of the Versace version of the T-shirt on the Selfridges website. “$650 Versace rip off. Sold out in three sizes. What is this madness? From huge designer labels to small boutiques, to giant pop stars, to fame-hungry former friends. What is this? Why can’t these companies, these brands, these people create their own work? What happened? Why do these people think that everything that they lay their eyes on instantly belongs to them? At least make it better than the $30 original Versace,” she added. “This looks like a first draft.”

The original T-shirt designed by Kesh – who’s real name is Kesshia Kumari – was presented as artwork in a collaboration with American Apparel for their spring / summer 2013 collection.

Kesh's T-shirt worn by Jourdan Dunn model almost two years ago Picture credit: Jourdan Dunn / Instagram

Kesh's T-shirt worn by supermodel Jourdan Dunn almost two years ago. (Picture credit: Jourdan Dunn / Instagram)

Kesh’s representatives have confirmed that litigation will be the next step,”Kesh is absolutely going to sue”.  The offices of Versace had no comment.
So, what are you thoughts regarding this battle over design? Do you think that the T-shirts are similar? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.
- S. Lenore