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If your struggling to loose weight or just stay in shape, but you don’t want to revert to tasteless boring diet food this is the article for you!

Here are the 9 best guilt-free snacks that you can eat without fear of weight gain.

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-S. Lenore




Seaweed snacks will conquer your salty craving and it’s very low in calories. Seaweed is loaded with lots of nutrients, including minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Seaweed snacks are metabolism-boosting and rich in iodine, which helps boost thyroid function. With their light olive oil coating, they’re just greasy enough to satisfy that hankering for potato chips.





If you have a weakness for chocolate now you can indulge your craving without hesitation by drinking chocolate milk – just make sure it’s with almonds.

With more calcium than cow’s milk, and only two grams of carbs, this is a chocolate drink you can enjoy with no calorie guilt. Warm it up and add a cinnamon stick for some extra zest—plus, the cinnamon helps to decrease the appetite.




Sometimes veggies really do the trick! Thanks to their high water content, cucumbers and the slightly lesser-known jicama make a totally refreshing, crunchy snack. Both of these healthy snacks will also kill bloating.

For a little zing, add some sea salt and chili flakes to the cucumbers. Or have the jicama with some lime juice and cinnamon to bring out its natural sweetness. (For those unfamiliar jicama is tastes a lot like a mild pear.)




Butter-less popcorn is an empty carb but you can still reap the benefits from it’s very low calorie count! For an even healthier snack try popped sorghum which is slightly higher in wholesome grain.





This has become a popular snack within the fashion industry! By snacking on freeze-dried apples you’ll satisfy your craving for sweets while getting some magnesium, which is great for stress.






Grabbing a pickle after a particularly vigorous workout can have many health benefits and help curb cravings. If you sweat a lot, the salt contained in pickles may be just be what your body needs to replenish itself. Plus, they’re salty and crunchy, nailing two cravings at once—with almost no calories.





For the meatheads—you can get your guilt-free fix too.

Aside from the mouthwatering smokiness, turkey jerky provides a pack of protein unrivaled by any other snacks on this list. Turkey jerky helps to lay down lean muscle – just make sure it’s nitrite-free because dried packaged meats tend to be chocked full of preservatives.





If you tend to crave the sweet and fizzy stuff step away from the diet soda and try Kombucha instead.

You can find this drink at almost any grocery store or bodega, and it is actually good for you! The fermentation gives you a great dose of healthy bacteria which can helps with digestion, and soothes the stomach. It’s yummy and it’s made with stevia instead of sugar.





If your looking for something virtually mess-proof, easy to pack, and void of any offending smells, look no further than these healthy little nuggets. You can pop ‘em like candy, without all the sugar and you’ll burn more calories eating these than they actually contain. Grape tomatoes are packed with vitamin C, zinc, and lycopene, these all antioxidants that will keep the skin dewy and bright. Lycopene also helps intensify the skin’s natural barrier to the sun.