Sturmgruppe Lana Del Rey Marilyn Manson by lionsground
Feb 2015 05

Rape Scene From Lana Del Rey Music Video

A developing trend in pop culture is the “Glamorous Dehumanization of Women”. Obscene graphic art used to be underground and taboo, now it is mainstream and socially acceptable. When did we become a society that is entertained by violent rape and senseless brutality?

Lana Del Rey is rapped for the sake of art in 2 online videos, the rape scene is featured in a interpretive art video also starring Marilyn Manson, and the same rape scene is recycled and featured in Lana’s music video for her song “Pretty When You Cry”, even the title of the song sounds rapy!

Click on the links above to view the videos. Do you think this is art? Or do you think that this is sick and disturbing?

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Sophia Lenore