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Halle Berry is in another heated dispute with her former partner Gabriel Aubry regarding their daughter Nahla. This time the former couple is engaged in a racially charged fight regarding Nahla’s hair. Berry alleges that Aubry has bleached and chemically straightened Nahla’s hair in an attempt to conceal the 4 year old’s biracial identity. Berry protests that this was done by Aubry in an attempt to make their daughter appear more White.

Gabriel Aubry’s decision to chemically process Nahla’s hair at the tender age of 4 years old is not only damaging to her hair, but it is also damaging to her self esteem. Aubry’s selfish choice to change Nahla’s natural hair texture, and hair color sends a negative message to his daughter that her hair is not beautiful to her father.

Nahla will internalize how she sees herself based on her father’s actions, because young girls idolize their fathers. Nahla is at an impressionable age and she is developing her personality. She is susceptible to fostering stigmas and characteristics of prejudice. Aubry’s actions can encourage Nahla to develop a negative self image.

In my opinion, Aubry’s actions show a lack of sensitivity, and awareness as a parent. I commend Berry for trying to protect her daughter from early self esteem issues that can be triggered by Aubry’s actions. However, I am not sure if suing Aubry is the best defense in order to protect her daughter.

So what do you think about Gabriel’s decision to chemically process the hair of his 4 year daughter? Do you think Halle is overreacting by taking Gabrielle to court? Or do you think Halle is justified in her actions?


Sophia Lenore


  1. Jam says:

    I dont think she is overreacting, she is making a clear status and statement to the World. She can sue him but most importand is to treat the damage Abrey caused to his daughter, at first place. That is where she should start. He violated their daughter’s right to be who she is and now Hally has to encourage her daughter and make clear that her hair, her whole being is just perfect.

  2. sophia says:

    Perfectly said Jamila!
    Thank you very much for your comment.