Dec 2014 08

The future of makeup is coming, and it looks great!

Classic Scene Featuring Super Model Milla Jovovich In The Film "The Fifth Element"

Scene From The Film "The Fifth Element" Featuring Super Model Milla Jovovich.


We live in a very tech savvy world, all of our daily functions are either influenced or supported by a form of smart technology. These advancements in technology will continue to enhance our daily tools and functions. So it is inevitable that the future of beauty will include the merging of makeup and nano technology.

The videos above feature developing concepts for “electronic makeup”. These electronic makeup devices would eliminate the guesswork when applying makeup. This would allow makeup applications to be much easier, faster and more precise, which would enable you to achieve your desired result with more ease.

After watching the videos above leave me a comment below letting me know if you like this concept. Would you try electronic makeup?


Sophia Lenore