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It takes a lot of drive, and a ton of hard work to make it in the music industry.
We live in a gimmicky-shock-value-driven era in music – the days of simply being a recording artist are long gone!
So I’m offering a platform for new artists, and independent artists simply trying to get their music out to the public – no gimmicks – just music!
I will feature new music, from new artists and independent artists, who simply want to share their music with the world, and get some feedback in return- nothing too complicated!
So, do your part by having an opinion - just leave a comment with some feedback about the artists work or talent- that’s all we ask – that’s all we need.
These artists need your feedback in order to improve their craft as they develop their talent, so be honest – but try to be nice!
Let your opinion be heard!
Watch Marlin Monroe Williford- AKA “Night Star” perform an intimate bathroom performance while on a break from recording his album.
You can also, watch and listen to his cover of “My Girl” in the second video.
 Once you have watched both performances leave your feedback below. 
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Sophia Lenore
Links to follow Marlin Monroe Williford- AKA “Night Star” 
Sound Cloud:Soundcloud.com/itsnightstar
YouTube: https:YouTube.com/blktenorpower
Website: http://itsnightstar.com/