Oct 2014 17


Do you want to make a statement with your Halloween costume this year?
Do you consider yourself to be too fashionably posh to sport the typical Halloween costume?
Well you’re in luck!
Below you will find some costume inspiration that is more on the glamorous side.


Rankin, and beauty editor Andrew Gallimore teamed up again for a new take on the death mask. 
This collection of masks was inspired by their previous work entitled “Rankin’s Alive In The Face of Death exhibition”, which also featured death masks.


This year’s new death inspired masks are more colorful, and glamorous.
These masks are nothing like any other masks that celebrate the macabre nature of death. These masks are sheik enough to wear with evening gowns, or party dresses!
Halloween masks do not always need to be scary they can also be glamorous!
The masks below can be recreated by handcrafting, or just with makeup.
So, scroll down and be inspired!

S. Lenore