Oct 2014 16
Channing Tatum has gone from hip-hop dancer, to model, to serious actor.
His career is on fire, and showing no signs of cooling down.
Now with the release of his new film “Foxcatcher”, Channing’s dramatic acting career is definitely on the rise.
In Channing’s new film entitled “Foxcather”, he shares the screen with “The 40 Year Old Virgin” star Steve Carell. 
This movie has acquired a tremendous amount of buzz, garnering Tatum and Carell praise for their powerful performances.
Rumor has it, this film has Oscar written all over it!
Channing’s career has really progressed from his days as a hip-hop dancer/male model.
Let’s take a look back at Channing Tatum, the model, in this blast from the past clip.
Click on the link above to enjoy vintage footage of Channing Tatum the model, before his crossover into acting.
Sophia Lenore
To watch the trailer for “Foxcatcher” click on the link below.