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The Tikker Watch

The Tikker Watch

Could a countdown to your death help you lead a more ecstatic life?
If you knew exactly when you were going to die, would you finally get off your ass and start living life to the fullest?
Well, let’s hope it doesn’t take a death predicting smart watch to get you motivated to live your own life!
After the launch of the Apple Watch received mixed reviews – is seemed like people just didn’t think smart watches were worthwhile.
However, that was before the release of The Tikker Watch – also affectionately referred as “The Death Watch”.
The Tikker Watch is the smart watch that is so smart it can tell you exactly when your going to die. Scary!

So how does it work?

The Tikker Watch uses a person’s age, medical history, and gender to determine exactly when they are scheduled to “Kick The Bucket”.
Tikker computes exactly how long a person has left to live and then displays it in months, days, hours, minutes, and yes, seconds!
Obviously, Tikker is not totally accurate (yet), and the death date it gives you is really just an estimate.
So, until the first person drops dead on the date predicted by their Tikker Watch, it is just an educated guess. But still, isn’t it a fun notion to consider?
Oddly enough, Fredrik Colting, the inventor of The Tikker Watch is not only a Swedish author turned watch designer, but he’s also a former gravedigger!
Does this make him more qualified than any fashion designer to design such a macabre timepiece?
Until the launch of The Tikker Watch, Colting was most famous for his novel  60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye , his controversial “sequel” to the infamous novel  The Catcher in the Rye , which is now banned in the United States for copyright infringement.
Well, I hope his latest invention receives a better reception from the public.
To learn more about The Tikker Watch visit their website:http://mytikker.com/
So what do you think of this new smart technology?
Do you think it is too morbid? Or totally intriguing? Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts.
S. Lenore