Oct 2014 10
The Truth.com

The Truth.com

Truth.com is an organization, and movement, that is passionate about getting people to stop smoking.
I greatly respect their intentions, since smoking is without-a-doubt one of the leading causes of early death.
The new advertisement released by Truth.com is filled with celebrities caught engaging in the nasty habit of smoking. 
I am guilty of having the occasional cigarette – and I’m not proud of it – so I do recognize and appreciate each and every ad Truth.com produces.
I tend to be a stress smoker. I keep a pack handy for when I am having a tough day.
However, I am aiming for a smoke-free life, and I recommend this to others as well. 
This new ad by Truth.com is a bit “Ballsier” than their previous ads.
In their new ad campaign they are actually putting celebrities on the spot, by featuring photos of them caught in the act of smoking – then referring to these celebrities as “Unpaid Spokespeople For Tobacco Companies”.  Wow! Talk about tough love!
Truth.com lends “Zero” sympathy to those addicted to the bad habit.
In your face advertising is kind of their thing! However, their intentions are always good – they want to save lives!
Watch the new anti-smoking ad from Truth.com above.
Leave a comment below and let me know if you like the ad, or if you think it is a bit too judgmental or intrusive?
To learn more about Truth.com visit their website: http: //www.thetruth.com/
Lenore S.