Aug 2014 02
Whenever the weather changes, trends change.
Whenever the season changes, trends change.
It never ends!
So, how do you stay in trend?
Is it ok to play by your own rules, and still be in trend?
The answer is, Do your own damn thing, this is trendy too! (I bet you weren’t expecting that, huh?)
OK. Yes, there are some rules to this thing called fashion. However, aren’t rules made to be broken?
New fashion trends override old fashion trends all the time! The fashion world is very fickle, and tends to break it’s own self implied rules at any given time.
So why not rebel-the-hell-out like a real fashionista!
Like they say in hip-hop,”Just Do You, boo boo”.
Free yourself from your self imposed fashion restrictions.
Breaking the rules always feels sooo darn good!
Here are some fashion rules to start rebelling against TODAY! 
Click on the link below and start breaking some fashion rules!
(curtesy of Harper’s Bazaar)