May 2014 28


Hello Everyone!

The Prestige, by Sophia Lenore & Splendide Models is currently holding a casting for a feature film. We are looking for the following actress:

We are looking for a actress with a very good body.

Preferably C- cup or D- cup bust.

This actress will be the body- double of actress Mina Tender. (

Only the breast, and body will be shown from the back during scenes.

The film begins shooting next week, and filming will commence for 3-5 days.

This is a paid booking and the casting is tomorrow from 16:00-19:30 in Berlin.

Please submit full body photos in bath suit (to review physic). As well as one head shot to The Prestige, by Sophia Lenore. (e-mail is below)
Those selected will receive casting location information.