May 2014 28

Hello Everyone!

I am currently hiring “Wardrobe stylists, Makeup artists & Hairstylists”.
The Prestige, by Sophia Lenore currently has paid jobs for Wardrobe stylists, Makeup artists & Hairstylist.

If you, or someone you know is an experienced Wardrobe stylist, Makeup artist or Hairstylist send me a private message here with a link to your portfolio to set up an interview. Or e-mail your portfolio to one of my e-mail addresses below.

Once selected information about the amount of payment, dates and job details will be revealed.


May 2014 28

Make lots of money, travel the world, and have a cool career by becoming a hairstylist, makeup artist & wardrobe stylist!

Join our next workshop.


The Prestige, by Sophia Lenore will be offering workshops and meet-up’s for the spring and summer.

“The Prestige” is a resource where creative people can meet-up, network and collaborate for photo shoots, video shoots and film shoots.

“The Prestige” is the place professionals call to hire creative teams for productions and fashion projects.

Now “The Prestige” is also a place where creatives can go for continued education in their career.

The Prestige offers networking meet-up’s and continuing education workshop in :

Photography workshops
(taught by some of the most successful photographers in the beauty and fashion industry)

Makeup workshops
(taught by some of the most talented, and successful makeup artists in the industry)

Hairstyling workshops
(taught by some of the most talented, and successful hairstylists in the industry)

Modeling workshops
(taught by an award winning creative director, with guest teachers who are some of the most talented and successful models in the industry)

Wardrobe workshops
(taught by some of the most talented and successful wardrobe stylists in the industry)

Art direction, for photographers & creatives
(taught by some of the most talented and successful artistic directors in the industry)

There will be a meet-up before each workshop. However, seats are limited for each workshop.

Workshops are filling up very, very fast!! To attend one of these amazing workshops to enhance your career, get more jobs, and make more money within the industry contact “The Prestige” for more information.


May 2014 28


Hello Everyone!

The Prestige, by Sophia Lenore & Splendide Models is currently holding a casting for a feature film. We are looking for the following actress:

We are looking for a actress with a very good body.

Preferably C- cup or D- cup bust.

This actress will be the body- double of actress Mina Tender. (

Only the breast, and body will be shown from the back during scenes.

The film begins shooting next week, and filming will commence for 3-5 days.

This is a paid booking and the casting is tomorrow from 16:00-19:30 in Berlin.

Please submit full body photos in bath suit (to review physic). As well as one head shot to The Prestige, by Sophia Lenore. (e-mail is below)
Those selected will receive casting location information.