Apr 2012 05

This is raw footage from Sophia Lenore t.v.
This video contains raw footage of celebrity hair & makeup artist Sophia Lenore while working with music icon Ms. Lauryn Hill. Please excuse the sound quality, concerts can be really loud. Since Sophia Lenore was working and running around backstage, on stage and in the audience you are viewing raw uncensored footage, I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Schedule for Lauryn Hill and staff

Sophia Lenore in the hair & makeup room

Lauryn Hill on stage

Lauryn Hill on stage


  1. Sexy Ed says:

    hmmm…I like :D

  2. sophia says:

    Hey Sexy Ed,

    Lol!! I love your screen name! Thank you for stopping by my site. Please tell your friends and co-workers to visit the site. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed :-) !