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Sophia Lenore T.V. at the Berlin film festival. On the red carpet with Jake Gyllenhaal.








Sophia Lenore T.V. with Brad and Angelina on the red carpet at the 62nd annual Berlin film festival.

Welcome to the 62nd annual Berlin Film Festival!

This was my first time covering an international film festival. As you know I am a native New Yorker, and I have only ever covered festivals and events in the U.S.A.Over the years I have attended and covered many events in my home country, I have seen and experienced it all when it comes to U.S.hosted festivals and events. So venturing overseas to Europe to attend and cover the 62ndBerlin film festival was a major treat for me.

Every February, Berlincelebrates its International Film Festival, called “Berlinale”. If you are a film lover like me, it is a must to attend this event; it is one of the most exciting events inGermany.

The Berlinale showcases more than 400 movies from all over the world, many of them world or European premiers. In addition, the festival hosts a large number of special events, panel discussions, exhibitions, and of course, many star-studded parties.

Festival for the fans:

Together with the Film Festivals of Cannes and Venice, the Berlinale film festival is one of the most important film events in Europe. However what makes the Berlin Festival so special is its openness and inclusiveness to the fans and the rest of the public.

With over 300,000 tickets sold annually to the public, the festival is more than just an industry gathering for film professionals. It is the biggest audience film festival in the world, open to anyone who loves movies.

Films for Everyone:

The Berlin Festival easily and clearly divided into different film sections, each one with its own focus so that the fans, press and public can simply navigate though the programs and find the genre of films that interests them.

The Categories:

Competition: These are the “Big” international movies competing for the prestigious Silver and Golden Bear awards.
Panorama: Independent art house productions and documentaries. German Kino: Latest productions from Germany, including feature and documentary films (all with English subtitles).
Forum: Experimental and cutting edge films, most of them from far corners of the world.
Generation: International film selection for kids and teenagers,

The 62nd Berlin Film Festival provides a platform for thought provoking raw and inspiring independent world cinema to go head to head with potential mainstream blockbusters.

The Contenders

For the art-house fans the anticipation of seeing the new films by Alain Gomis, Wang Quan’an (White Deer Plain), Christian Petzold (Barbara), Brillante Mendoza (Captive) and Ursula Meier (Sister), is high. These films are all included in the official competition.

The jury critiquing and voting on these films are in for some eclectic viewing as they try to decide which of the almost two dozen titles in the competition should go home with the coveted Golden Bear.

For the English speaking residents and visitors inGermanylike myself (Oh yeah, I was not the only American in attendance. There is a large American population inBerlin) there are several American films premiering as well. This will prompt and encourage some familiar faces to attend. Scheduled to appear include some ofAmericasmost respected and acclaimed A-list actors and celebrities. Tickets for the English-language films sold out fast.

Some of the American Actors and Film Premiers

Although theBerlinfestival greatly honors and welcomes all German and European actors and celebrities to attend, and submit films all other countries are honored and welcomed as well. There are several American actors and film premiers that are highly anticipated and celebrated during the festival.

American Films

Bel Ami, starring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas,

Stephen Daldry’s Oscar-nominated Extremely Loud and Incredible Close, starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock.

Shadow Dancer starring Clive Owen.

Mission: Impossible, Ghost Protocol‘, starting Tom Cruise and the assassin in the film Lea Seydoux. The French actress appears in both the opening night film Farewell, My Queen, about the last days of Marie Antoinette, and Sister, in which she plays a young lady looking after her family at a ski resort.

Angelina Jolie will attend to celebrate her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, a story of a doomed love affair between a Serb and Bosnian duringYugoslavia’s civil war. The film recently opened in theUS to mixed reviews.

Also premiering are Werner Herzog’s documentary series Death Row and Kevin MacDonald’s film Marley, about the famed reggae star.

The festival will also celebrate the career of Meryl Streep. In addition to the German premiere of her latest Oscar-nominated role, playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, there were screenings of some of her greatest cinematic performances: in Kramer vs Kramer, Out of Africa, A Prairie Home Companion, Silkwood, Sophie’s Choice and The Bridges of Madison County.

All of these films mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg – almost 400 films will be shown at the festival.

TheBerlinfilm festive was filled with wonderful film selections and celebrity red carpet appearances. The event was beautifully decorated and fan friendly organized. This is a festival honoring films, actors and the art of cinema, with accommodations to the film lovers and fans. It was a wonderful and entertaining event, I thoroughly enjoyed covering it. This was indeed another successful year for theBerlinfilm festival.

*A very special Thank You, to the staff at the Press Office (T.v. & Radio office). All of your hard work as well as your friendly and wonderful treatment will always be remember and greatly appreciated.


Sophia Lenore