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On Febuary 11th the world lost another pop ledgend. Iconic singer and actress Whitney Houston died at The Beverly Hotel in Los Angeles shortly before the 2012 Grammy awards ceremony. Like Michael Jackson, Whitney left the world in mourning and disbelief. There are some people who say that her untimely passing was inevitable due to her past, however I disagree.

The moment I heard about Whitney Houston’s passing I instantly thought of Michael Jackson.  Why did two iconic celebrities both on the verge of  a comeback suddenly die depressed, alone and addicted to  drugs? Why was the road they both took so similar? Why didn’t anyone see the signs of self destruction? Does society even care? Celebrities, we put them on a pedestal, worship them,  use them up, and then toss them to the side when someone new comes on the scene (even if the newbie is not as talented). We love a celebrity when they are hot and relevant, but why can’t we continue to love and support a celebrity when their down and in trouble. Unfortunately I think that there is something else at the root of this epidemic of fallen stars. Here is my observation between two of  the biggest stars in the world.

The Parallels between Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson

Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson

American Black pop star  American Black pop star
Ruled the 80’2 & 90′s as a female artist Ruled the 80’2 & 90′s as a male artist
Was the biggest female pop singer in the world (early career) Was the biggest male pop singer in the world (early career)
Considered the best female singer of their time Considered the best male singer of their time
Homosexual rumors (just reporting the truth) Homosexual rumors (just reporting the truth)
Involved in countless scandals and negative rumors Involved in countless scandals and negative rumors
Controversial marriage (Bobby Brown) Controversial marriage (Lisa Marie Presley, Debbie Rowe)
Very publicized Divorce Very publicized Divorce
Came from a family of musicians Came from a family of musicians
A single parent A single parent
Accused of questionable parenting Accused of questionable parenting
Children with unusual behavior (Bobby Christina) Children with unusual behavior (Prince, Prince Michael, Paris)
History of drug abuse History of drug abuse
Spent lots of time in court Spent lots of time in court
On the verge of a huge comeback right before death On the verge of a huge comeback right before death
Died with meager finances Died with meager finances
Very, Very publicized  funeral Very, Very publicized  funeral

Although other celebrities have suffered the same fate as Michael and Whitney I have chosen to focus on the two biggest and influential celebrities that have ever lived.  Just to get some of you to ask yourself s, Why? Leave me your comments.

If you were not aware of the similarities between these two iconic figures……..now you know.


Sophia Lenore

Feb 2012 23
 Undercover reporter makes Beyonce cry

Lately I have heard about reporters choosing to work undercover to reveal secretes and unknown opinions of celebrities. At first I thought that this was OK, as long as the celebrity is aware that they are being interviewed or recorded.

However, when an reporter pays or obtains permission (in Beyonce’s case, the reporter paided to interview her) to interview a celebrity about a particular topic, then during the interview the reporter reveals that they have another agenda, there might be a problem with the integrity of  the reporter. Especially if the reporter uses their footage or interview to embarrass or slander the celebrity. I am not judging, but I would like to know what you think of this video.


Undercover reporter makes Beyonce cry